Mole Removal in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Moles aren’t easily seen, and when they are noticed, it’s usually in a yard where they’ve dug tunnels. A mole’s main food source consists of earthworms which is why it’s common to find them scavenging through our yards. Moles have a toxin in their saliva that can paralyze an earthworm giving them the ability to store the worm for later consumption.

Mole Problems

Moles can dig anywhere from 30 to 100 yards a day. Typically, mole damage occurs during the warmer months, although they’re still very active during winter. Moles are simple creatures. They eat, dig, eat, dig – you get the picture. A mole’s life may not be complicated, but the messes they create are. Moles cause a considerable amount of damage to lawns from burrowing either horizontally or vertically. Trust us, you’ll know if you have mole problems.

Rid Your Lawn of Mole Hills

Successful mole removal starts with getting the population under control. Once the moles have been removed from the property, we educate homeowners on how to make their yard less likely to attract moles. For example, over-watering your lawn can bring earthworms to the surface – a mole’s favorite meal. Moles can be a nuisance and create unsightly mole hills in your lawn, but it’s not challenging to get rid of them. If you need help with mole control, you’ve come to the right place.

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