Bat Removal in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Bats are known to give people the heebie-jeebies; they’re unpleasant to look at, annoying, and seemingly impossible to catch. Bats are completely unaware of how spooky and annoying they are; they just want a nice place to call home. In any case, bats should always be removed from a home or building.

The brown bat is one of the most common bats found in North America, and finding them nesting in homes is common. Since brown bats are protected in Michigan, proper bat exclusion is needed to safely remove them from the home. Whether you have one bat or a whole colony, the appropriate trapping method must be used. Before you start swinging at them with a baseball bat or attempting a homemade trap, give us a call.

Bat Problems

Wherever bats decide to nest, their droppings will be scattered everywhere. If that isn’t bad enough, bat droppings can actually be very dangerous due to a fungus that begins to grow on them. The spores that are spread by this fungus are toxic to humans.

Although bats are generally non-aggressive, they can carry the rabies virus. Any species carrying rabies can transmit the virus to humans through biting.

bat on ground

Bats in soffit

bat on metal roof

Bat Control

Madd Hatter Critters uses safe, humane, and effective bat removal processes. We thoroughly inspect the home prior to removal in order to determine the severity of the situation. This also helps give us a good idea of how many bats we’re dealing with to ensure we catch all of them. Once we’re certain all bats have been removed from the home, we can help with sanitation and damage repair.

Bat Prevention Tips

  • Let bats go out of your house by opening doors or windows.
  • Wait until evening to determine the bat entry and exit points.
  • Seal up secondary entry points.
  • When in doubt, call a professional.

If you’re in the same area as a bat, take caution. Bats can carry serious diseases like rabies. Protect yourself and your family members and take extra precautions until a professional is there to help you.

For more information on bat removal or to schedule an appointment, call Madd Hatter Critters at (616) 250-3370.

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