Groundhog Removal in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Groundhogs, also known as “woodchucks”, are large rodents found throughout the U.S. and are typically found near wooded areas. Groundhogs spend most of their time in burrows, which can extend up to 50 feet long. They don’t tend to leave their burrows during the winter as they are known to hibernate.

Detecting the Presence of Groundhogs

  • A 10-12 inch hole in the ground or near a shed with mounds of dirt outside of it.
  • Vegetables with bites taken out of them.

Groundhogs may be known for damaging plants, but they’re also responsible for other types of harm. Their burrowing can actually undermine foundations, sheds, driveways, and retaining walls. Groundhogs can also hurt domestic animals – if you have signs of a groundhog in your yard, it’s best to take your dog out somewhere else if possible. On top of all of this, you could get hurt by twisting your ankle on an unexpected woodchuck hole.

Preventing Groundhogs

There are several preventative measures that can be taken to avoid attracting groundhogs to your property. Grassy and wooded areas serve as hiding places for groundhogs – depriving them of areas with tall grass or weeds, overgrown shrubs, and brush piles are a great way to keep groundhogs away. Another great preventative measure you can take is filling in any old tunnels. If you’ve had groundhog removal done on your property but still have old burrows in your yard, fill them in with crushed stone. Otherwise, you’re welcoming all kinds of pests to your property.

Madd Hatter Critters uses the safest, most effective trapping methods for groundhog removal. We can also provide you with a repair estimate for any damage done.

For more information on groundhog removal or to schedule an appointment, call Madd Hatter Critters at (616) 250-3370.

Communities Served

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